This is Becki Cruel


She is Beckii Cruel: white, 15-year-old British girl who has become a goddess in Japan. Eleven million Youtube viewers launched her from a quiet island near Scotland (The Isle of Man) into the pop stratosphere. Rebecca Flint (her real name) was 14 when she dressed up in the style of Japanese anime character and filmed herself dancing to the song Danjo. This is a popular internet meme in Japan, and ‘cosplay’, dressing up in costumes to dance, is even more widespread. For months the response to her video was unexceptional. But when it was picked up by the influential Japanese website Niko Niko Douga, her popularity exploded. Within a couple of months Beckii was dancing live in front of 25,000 people in Tokyo’s Saitama Arena. She signed a label, and whirlwind of promotional work followed. She is currently the 20th most subscribed user on YouTube in Japan, and her account exceeder 13 millions views. News reports estimated that Beckii Cruel has brought 40 million yen into the Japanese economy. From her own, from her bedroom, not just creating her dance videos, but developing and maintaining her internet presence, and building relationships with her fans who mostly she consider friends. Her father, Derek Flint, a policeman, is well-aware of the risks online but he considers the dangers posed to Rebecca to be minor compared to the benefits of her success.

‘This is Beckii Cruel’ / COLORS MAGAZINE #78