Presenting CIAO at the Fondazione Benetton


Happy to present: CIAO: ‘La prima parolla’, the latest project I made with the Film Director and friend Pablo Pastor, which was officially presented the last Friday 27 of May at the Fondazione Benetton.

CIAO is a italian documentary shortfilm protagonised by the students of an Italian school for immigrants in Treviso. CIAO is in fact a very intense video, through the living words of school pupils, unable to relate the distortions and difficulties that each story contains migration. Highlighting the strengths and obstacles of the relationship with the Italian language, it evokes the radical experience of migration, even in language exhibits all its complexity.

The documentary is available for viewing online on my website, but if you prefer to organize a screening under creative commons rights, go to the project website (here) of the project and see how it works!