He’s name Sinto Bestard, but his friends call him: Sinto ‘The Sailor’. Almost fourty years ago, when he was fourty years-old he entered in a rutine eyed operation and he left completely blind. This is when he decided to dedicated his whole life to the sea. Sinto, from Majorca (Spain) has been inside a boat on the sea “I’ve raced boats in the Indian, the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Arctic, the Antarctic… they’re all different!” Unlike what may seem his condition has never stopped his passion for the sea. “Obviously being blind is not an advantage, but inside a boat you notice it less, because is a limited space, not like a continent, a country, a city” he reflects. Now, owner of the sailboat “Snooty Fox” -16 meters long- has a privilage to have waving the slogan of ‘round the world’ trip that he already did 4 times. Very proud of himself, Sinto tells how once he had a very quick bath in the waters of the Antartida: “is the most heavenly place of the world. When there is not wind and you can feel the sun on your skin is a blessing”


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