Juliette & Juliette


Elena and Francesca met more than 7 years ago. In the words of Elena, their relationship is emotional, loyal and respectful. Elena is studying psychology and is president of Treviso ArciLesbica (the association that fights for the rights of lesbians in the region). Francesca recently moved from her hometown Bergamo to live together with Elena. Eventually, they would like to create a family, but not before obtaining the economic stability that will allow them to have their happily ever after. Treviso, in Northen Italy is a region the social and political situation is surrounded by serious homophobic incidents, like the pressure and threats from groups that support far-right parties, the rejection of the Catholic Church to the very numerous homophobic statements made by the last two mayors of the city, belonging to the political group called LegaNord. Treviso, Italy, for the project DOLCE PACE / FABRICA, curated by Salvador Pérez / PZP Cultura.