Lena Mozenkova (Moscow, Russia) considers herself  “a woman with special body structure”. One year ago, when Lena was 34, she got into a car accident, “I was driving by myself and probably was my fault. I don’t know”. Due the crash her leg and arm were amputated. The recovery is being a bit slowly and for the first two-three months she really struggled, but she is getting used to it, because  “life goes on”. She was right-handed and now she has to use her left one because the right one is amputated. Simple things like writing or washing her hair, “even buttoning” wasn’t easy. Little by little she accepted that she is “special” with a strong maturity and without complex: “I have one arm and one leg and there something beautiful about that”. Lena thinks that now in Russia people is started to pay attention to people with disabilities and they started to understand that it’s not easy,  especially psychologically. According with the Russian Police Department of traffic safety; 26,567 fatalities happening during 2011, occupying the top 5 list of countries with highest traffic-related deaths.