THINSPIRATION at Fotofestiwal Lodz 2013


The I ARTIST block is composed of two parts. The central focus is a group exhibition prepared by one of the most brilliant artists and curators, an observant commentator and researcher of modern visual culture – Joan Fontcuberta. The exhibition titled I ARTIST. Transcendent Amateur will include works by both recognised artists and anonymous authors from the Internet. What is the difference? For years now, Joan Fontcuberta has been asking difficult and provocative questions in his work as an artist and curator. He questions objectivity of photography, reliability of mass media, plays with patterns, stereotypes and habits. This time he confronts us with a question “What does it mean to be an artist?”.
The second part of the block is titled I ARTIST. Archives and Amateurs and includes presentations of amateur and anonymous photographs from the past, exhibitions and archives, mainly home collections. I’m very glad, THINSPIRATION had the opportunity of be a part of it. Lodz, Poland, June 2013.