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    On Eating Disorders, Chapter One: A Bad Day


    Jo is a 21 years-old english girl struggling with bulimia, which is a kind of an eating disorder. For her it’s a food addiction, and also ‘disgusting’. For this reason, she keep it secret from her parents and boyfriend. She explains her obsession is not about loosing weight, is about not gaining weight by the huge amount of food ingested daily. A bad day for Jo starts with waking up and taking the 3 bags of food from her closet, run a movie and start binging for 20 minutes, then vomiting all this food. This pretended normality reflects in having a near-normal body weight (64 percent of all bulimics aren’t underweight) and is one of the reasons why bulimia is the hardest disorder to diagnose and why it can easily become a chronic disease.


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