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    "Feminicides" aims to be a monument to all women eliminated by the simple fact of being this: women. Around 66,000 women and girls are violently murdered every year in the world. “Femicide” is generally defined as the murder of a woman for the fact of being a woman. One of the most common forms of these crimes is “intimate femicide”, that is, at the hands of couples (husband, ex-husband, boyfriend, ex-boyfriend), which accounts for 35% of the “total femicides”.


    Now, in 2018, the Observatory against Domestic and Gender Violence of the Spanish General Council of Judicial Power (CGPJ) has declared that the concept of gender violence will be extended to “any form of violence against women by the mere fact of being so”. In this way, the total cases of victims of sexist violence increase beyond those killed by couples or ex-partners, as was the case until today. This new calculation could double the official figures in Spain, currently more than 900 women in the last 15 years.


    Under the title “2017SPA”, this first piece of the installation represents the women we have lost in Spain in 2017. It opens a door to reflection while paying tribute to the victims. As part of the long-term project “A History of Misogyny”, this series is part of a visual and conceptual investigation carried out through historical and contemporary comparisons about the present history of misogyny.


    A series from: A History of Misogyny





    El Pais by Roberta Bosco



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