• Menstruation Myths


    The word “taboo” it comes from the Polynesian word tupua, which means sacred and it’s also used when referring to menstruation. Women on average spend 3000-3,500 days in their lifetime menstruating, and still in many cultures it is related as something negative, shameful or dirty. According to recent studies involving nearly 100,000 girls in India, almost half of them did not know about menstruation until their first period arrived, In 1 out of 3 girls in South Asia knew nothing about either; and 48% of girls in Iran and 10% of girls in India believe it’s a disease worrying to believe they might be dying.


    The on-going series Menstruation Myths belongs to the on-going long term project of A History of Misogyny, chapter two: On Hysteria; a visual research undertaken through historical and contemporary comparisons, focusing this time in how perceptions of menstruation affect how many cultures perceive little girls and bring obvious consequences.


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