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  • Blind Captain
  • Danza Voluminosa
  • Never Seen the Sea

    'The sea? How I can describe something I've never seen?' Sebta Abu Eid is a Beduin. When asked where she's from, she says she was born 'on the road'. When asked her age, she says that 'Bedouin women are eternal'. She wanted her son to take her to the sea, but he died before they could go. Thanks to COLORS Magazine, Sebta fulfilled her dream, crossing the whole of Lebanon from Bekka Valley to Tyre. The reportage is a part of a project involving augmented reality that was started in the issue 77# The Sea, and now is part of a documentary which creates a small revolution in the lives of eight people across the globe who have never had the privilege of seeing the sea.


    For COLORS Magazine.


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