OPEN | One-to-one Mentorship Online

OPEN NOW | 1 hour & 6-12 hours Feedback Program — In this sessions you can present Laia a specific body of work and receive critical input in terms of concept, narrative or edit; as well as to discuss possible forms and platforms or pitches for grant applications. In a longer commitment, Laia could provide methodological and practical advices as well as discussing goals and directions during it development.

OPEN NOW | Applications for Book-Making Consultancy — During this program Laia can guide you to the construction of your book (or dummy) as well as curate the narrative and provide insights and strategies to present it to the photo-art scene. The duration of this program is based on each case.

Languages: English, Spanish, Catalan and Italian.
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“Laia was very generous with her feedback and it gave me a lot to think about and work with to bring my project to a conclusion. It was a great opportunity to have a one-to-one with her with no outside distractions.”

Leslie Hakim-Dowek

“She was direct and pragmatic, sometimes you get confused in your own work, and her methodology helped me a great deal in order and see what can be improved and which skills one should reinforce.”


“After my session with Laia, thousand thoughts raced through my mind, and really made me wanted to sit down to write and work.”