Lobismuller (RM Verlag, 2016)

This book is part of the Lobismuller project

“Gender issues, psychology, landscape, mythology and folklore… the mesmerising story is wrapped upon layer of exquisite literary narrative”

Tim Clark, 1000 words

“A remarkably sophisticated and tightly balanced product, even with the gotcha gender twist at the end. Like any well plotted horror story, it sets the stage, builds up suspense, explodes in wash of violent (offscreen) action, and then circles back to pick up the pieces and settle our jangled nerves, leaving just enough loose ends to keep us wondering.”

Loring Knoblauch, Collector Daily

Winner 2016 Images Book Award
Shortlisted Photo España Best Book of the year

164 pages
27 x 20.2 cm
Language: ENG
ISBN: A 978-84-16282-64-7
Published by RM Verlag, 2016
Art Direction Laia Abril + Ramon Pez