On Healing: Silent Song

“I’ve been avoiding music since I was 16 years old. Especially live music, theaters, and concert halls. An abrupt diagnosis on my hearing augured a gradual loss, so I decided to remedy it by depriving myself of the pleasure of music beforehand. Later came the feeling of isolation; ambient sound became noise and voices around me melted into it. Instinctively, I used my brain to fill in the gaps, imagining what it could be and replacing them with images”. — Laia Abril.

Silent Song is an installation created under the concept of the Gran Teatre del Liceu season: Obsession, as a result of a deep dialogue between the Catalan artist Laia Abril and the Dutch composer Ruben Samama. The musical piece, based on the frequencies that Abril cannot hear, is translated into 8 retro-illuminated pieces as a psycho-magical healing ritual, visualizing the inaudible.