“What are the risks? Am I qualified?
We are a couple, can we do this together?”

During early 2010’s, thousands of young couples worldwide started to set up online businesses from the comfort of their own bedrooms. Affected by the global unemployment crisis, early millennials —members of thefacebook generation; were suddenly unafraid of exposing their intimacy, turning up the concept of privacy forever. These enterprising pairs offered raw and amateur sex performances via webcam to those interested on their services. Their virtual, on-demand peepshows could be found on several websites, where you could freely and anonymously watch them waiting “ready to have sex for you” on live stream until the moment you decide to pay for the action.

Tediousphilia is a project which documents the boringness and tedium suffered by vernacular webcam sex-performer couples in the standby, before-sex moment in the not-that-virtual second-life.

“Fill your profile. Come prepared for anything. If your studio looks like trash, surfers will think your show is trash.”

“Quality is the key. Don’t skimp on a webcam. Audio can separate the winners from the losers. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. No freebies.”