The Epilogue

“Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

are brutal holidays in our family.”

Tommy, Cammy’s brother

This is the story of the Robinson family —and the aftermath suffered in losing their 26-year-old daughter to bulimia. Working closely with the family, Laia Abril reconstructs Cammy’s life telling her story through memories and flashbacks shared during the family’s grieving process.

The Epilogue is about absence, but also about Cammy’s omnipresence: her energy, her wilfulness, her often clandestine struggle with a disorder that truncated her life and capsized the lives of those around her. The book shows us the dilemmas and the frustration, the guilt and the sorrow, all blended together in the bittersweet act of remembering their most troubled loved one.

On Eating Disorders, documents the most uncomfortable aspects of the deadliest of mental health disorder as its new triggers and major taboos. In this third chapter, Abril opens the boundaries further the most avoided agents: death and its collateral victims.

“The girl we thought we knew was not. To be perfectly honest I don’t think I ever knew Cammy.” 

Jan, Cammy’s mother

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