PAST | Workshop at Officine Fotografiche, Roma — Building narratives


The workshop will focus on the analysis and construction of different narratives providing a series of tools and strategies to enhance the storytelling of each project, adapted to various platforms. In the practical part, we will use the creative editing method based on a group brainstorming, as well as research and conceptualization of the projects in order to be able to evolve our work beyond the photographic scope.


In an ideal scenario, the student would bring to the workshop a photographic project (or other) developed or under development. In case the student brought a project still to be produced or an idea at an early stage, his production process in the workshop would focus more on the generation of ideas and a future work plan, without considering the editing of a book mock up, installation or multimedia.


Based on the method developed through the experience of Laia Abril as a photographer and creative editor of the magazine Colors Magazine; the multi-platform projects developed at FABRICA – Benetton’s Communication and Research Center; where she collaborated with designers, illustrators, video makers, writers, programmers or musicians; in addition to her long-term personal series and her work as book-maker; will be exemplified in order to motivate the participants to use “lateral thinking” to focus their photographic series as a creative project. Always from her experience of teamwork, the author will illustrate with several examples how the combination of different creative tools can transform an idea.