"Was the Werewolf of Allariz a woman?" Known as Manuel Blanco Romasanta, named at born Manuela as it was initially thought that her was a female; according to new forensic theories could have lived with a rare syndrome of intersexuality.


    Lobismuller reconstructs from a female perspective the story of the most enigmatic and bloodthirsty serial killer of the Spanish history. Earned the tittle the Tallow Man – due the habit of converting its victims’ fat to into high quality soap; during its 1853’s trial, he was accused of 9 of the 12 murders he admitted (from the around 17 attributions), claiming no guilty as he was suffering from a curse that turned it to a wolf.


    The installation was first presented at Images Festival in Vevey, September 2016, and the book – supported by Images Book Award, designed by Ramon Pez and published by RM Verlag; was released in 2017.




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  • <p>Collage Lobismuller 01 | Pre-modification source material Wellcome Library, London</p>
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